Rock Climbing - Via Ferrata

By feranlestari - November 02, 2020

I've ever been to Singapore, went to Malaysia, and always want to go to Japan. But as long as I took a breathe, if I wonder "the furthest away" I've ever been, there's only one place popped in my head. 

It was on October 2019, when I went rock climbing (real venue). It was a remarkable day. Rock climbing please! There was a time when my legs trembling when I took indoor rock climbing at Trans Studio haha. But I managed to even reached the half peak, for about 400m. Wow. Such an amazing experience! 

In the midst of October, I was just so bored. No fun activities, nor companion. My friends just have their own plans. I always want to do extreme activities, but my friends don't dare to accompany me. Luckily, one of my friends told me about Via Ferrata. It was wednesday when she told me that. I was spontaneously calling the open trip agency, and booked one seat for that weekend! Haha 

Not only booked spontaneously, I also kept it secret from my parents since I thought they wouldn't permit me to participate. I just texted them when I went back to Jakarta. Well, that was also part of that day which gave me adrenaline rush hehe. 

It was officially my first open trip, 'alone'. I met a fully stranger whole day, did an amazing activity, and yes, I wanted to redo it haha. 

During the climbing, we were so supportive each other. Well, who wouldn't? We climbed at the pace we all could handle. Yeah, we didn't have to be rush, right? Enjoying the moment, the view, etc. We even had a cup of tea, at some point before our peak destination. Nowadays, even I am amazed of myself, how come I didn't fear whether the bar would break during my climbing? Haha. I was just so in confusion that I had to calm myself through some extreme activity haha. 

The climbing is such an easy one, compared to when I had to do rappeling to go downside! I didn't know how other people did, but mine was so scary. The rope was not balanced due to me being nervous, and somehow (I don't know exactly how and why) my body was rotated. It was so scary to look down, too high! For that seconds, I could only ask Allah, I hope He will give me more time to live, because I was sure I would go to hell if I died that moment. I didn't ask for permission to my parent! Fortunately, the rescue team was such a professional that I could go down safely. Fyuh! 

After such a horrible down-the-mountain moment, my group had a nice talk, while having a lunch (at around 3 pm haha) before we went back to Jakarta. They were fully stranger, but I could learn to socialize with people. Well, since I know we wouldn't cross path frequently, I could express myself freely, didn't fear being criticized. Such a funny day. We talked about travelling a lot. About any trip they have ever had. There was a mom who loves to travel, and she had gone to many many places. The first thing I thought was, "wow, I should save a lot of money, but I don't think my dad will permit me" haha. It is not like I hate my dad. It is just normal if my father doesn't permit me. Who will? Permit your daughter to do extreme activities, alone? Well, I myself maybe won't allow my daughter to do so. 

My parents was shock enough knowing I went rock climbing haha. Your daughter was "kecil-kecil caberawit" after all hehe. This rock climbing was also a substitute for my absent in ITB ultra marathon. In 2018, I ran 10km in Puncak. 

In this 2020, I was preparing for paralayang. I am always 'nagging' my workmates, demanding them to accompany me for paralayang haha. But due to corona, my plan was in vain haha. I still follow the open trip account for this paralayang, hope I can do paralayang soon!

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  1. You are so brave, I think. I mean you just went rock climbing, by yourself, without any companion. Most of us are too lazy when we want to go somewhere else without any companion. But you went all alone and doing an extreme sport LMAO.
    I like how you fight your fear, and it's very inspiring.